Classic massage therapist Julia.

Hi, I'm Julia Nilina, educated classical massage therapist, specialized in joint mobility.
I graduated in May 2014 from the Massage School of Espoo.
I founded in November 2014 RelaNmassage tmi., Business ID 2655640-2.
I studied classical massage therapist, and my goal is to help the client to relax muscles and relieve pain.


Julia Nilina, RelaNmassage tmi., Business ID 2655640-2

Massage salon location: Magneettikatu 1, Espoo (S-Market parking opposite).

Massage salon RelaNmassage is located in the apartment building's groundfloor.

The most convenient parking - to leave your car in the parking square of S-Market (2 hours with parking clock).

Phone: + 358 442015939

E-mail: julia [at] relanmassage.f


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